Best Poster Awards

Three poster prices of 100 Euro each were awarded for the best student posters.

The awardees are:

  • Meyer, J.R., Michel, E., McIntyre, P.B., Huntington, B., Long, D. & L. Genifer: Niche or neutral? Scale-dependent processes of community assembly in endemic gastropods of Lake Tanganyika, East Africa
  • von Oheimb, P.V., Albrecht, C., Riedel, F. & T. Wilke: Are there ancient lakes on the Tibetan Plateau? Phylogeography of Radix spp. (Gastropoda, Lymnaeidae) in Tibet
  • Sereda, S.V., Albrecht, C., Gabrielyan, B., Hauffe, T. & T. Wilke: Was there an ancient lake in the Arax valley (Armenia)? – Evidence from a phylogeographical analysis of Theodoxus spp. (Gastropoda: Neritidae)