Malili Lake System

The Malili Lake System of central Sulawesi consists of five individual lakes that are, in part, connected by a riverine system. Though, the total extent of endemic biodiversity remains unknown, species radiations are reported for gastropods, sailfin silverside fishes, and diatoms.



  Matano Mahalona Towuti Lontoa Masapi
Age (my) 12        
Biogeographical area  Wallacea  Wallacea  Wallacea  Wallacea  Wallacea
Surface area (km2)  164  24.4  561.1  1.6  2.2
Altitude (m a.s.l.)  382  310  293  586  434
Maximum depth (m)  590  73  203  3  4
Mean depth (m)          
Catchment area (km2)          
Number of species          
Number of endemic species          
Key endemic taxa sailfin silverside fishes, Gastropoda, diatoms


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The Malili lakes harbour different habitats for e.g. trophically adopted Tylomelania snails (photograph: T. v. Rintelen).
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Freshwater shrimp species of the Malili Lake System (photograph: C. Luhkaup).