Lake Poso

Lake Poso belongs to the two ancient lake systems on Sulawesi (Indonesia). It is a solitary lake approximately 80 km NW of the Malili lakes.
Lake Poso is deep (- 450 m, 323.2 km²) and of tectonic origin. Species flocks are known from a couple of taxa with pachychilid gastropods being the best studied group to date.
Age (my)  2
Biogeographical area  
Surface area (km2) 375.1
Altitude (m asl) 500
Maximum depth (m) 450
Mean depth (m)  
Catchment area (km2) 1600
Number of species  
Number of endemic species  
Key endemic taxa crabs, shrimps (Atyidae), Gastropoda


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(photograph: T. v. Rintelen)
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(photograph: T. v. Rintelen)
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Miratesta celebensis (P. & F. Sarasin, 1898): A highspired (buliniform) and thalassoid planorbid gastropod of ancient Lake Poso. (photograph: T. Hauffe)